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Additional Project Services

  • On-going correspondence with Town

  • Zoning Board Compliance and submittals: We can prepare and submit drawings, worksheets, and other zoning requirements to the Town zoning board, architectural review board, or historic preservation board.

  • Client Representation and Board Meetings: We can represent clients, appearing on behalf of clients at town board meetings, where a project description and discussion with board members will be required.

  • Consulting Engineers: We can coordinate a team of consultants from other disciplines as required for each project on an individual basis. For example we may coordinate the work of the: structural engineer, mechanical engineer (HVAC equipment), electrical design, plumbing design, geotechnical engineer; instrument surveyor and others.

  • We can also ensure compliance with state regulations, DEC regulations (e.g., flood plane issues, projects near large bodies of water) .

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